Childhood Cartoons Reimagined As Badass Killer Freaks

Childhood Characters Killers Featured

You’ll never look at The Lion King in the same way again.

It’s not exactly anything new for childhood cartoons to be reimagined by artists – here’s some reimagined as psychopaths for example, and here are some interpreted as drug addicts – but it’s always great when a new set of pictures by an artist turns up because people can be so inventive when they’re reimagining stuff.

I’m not sure who’s behind all these photographs but they’re re-interpreted a bunch of your favourite cartoons from the 90s and they all look completely sick. I’m not sure what the unifying theme is -they all seem kinda violent and badass, although there are then some like Bart and Lisa Simpson who are just on their bike and skateboard like normal – but even despite this it’s a great collection of artwork. Check it out on the slideshow.

90s Cartoon Characters Reimagined 1

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