A 9-Year-Old Girl Just Handed In The World’s Scariest Poem To ‘Creativity Corner’

Someone call social services, ASAP.

A 9-year-old girl has sent chills down the spines of the writers and judges over at ‘Creativity Corner’ after sending in this disturbing poem, which some might argue is actually a touch of intense, creative genius. Check it out:

It reads:

The fire is red as blood. I watch the flames go up in the air as I taste the sadness of the people whose houses have burnt to the ground. I turn back, but all I hear is the bursting and explosion of flames.

Definitely stands out next to Christopher’s lame seashell poem and Skylar’s lazy Parakeet one. Gabi meanwhile is bearing the blackness of her soul like a screwed up Vietnam veteran or something. A+ effort.

In related poetry news, here’s another 9-year-old who wrote a poem way wiser than his years should allow.


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