VIDEO: Stray Chihuahuas Terrorising American Town

These chihuahuas aren’t messing around – they’re completely terrorising the streets of Arizona and residents have no idea what to do about it.

The dog lover in me wants to find a nice and reasonable way of solving this chihuahua problem in Maryvale, Arizona — maybe round them all up in a nice and safe manner and find each dog a loving family and warm home to stay in.

The other part of me wants to go berserker mode on the little bastards. Chihuahuas aren’t like other dogs, they’re 10x more annoying and yappy and quite frankly give dogs in general a bad name. When I read that this neighbourhood was being overrun it made me think of a massive rat infestation and then I realised that’s exactly what chihuahuas are – the rats of the dog world.

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Watch below:

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