The Chicken Wings At This Place Are So Good That This Guy Refused To Stop Eating As He Was Robbed At Gunpoint

Quality wings.

I wish someone could tell us which restaurant from which South American country this CCTV footage was taken from, because apparently the wings there are so delicious that even having a gun put to your head won’t stop you eating.

Casual as you like…

Literally zero F’s given. Again I don’t know where this restaurant is but on this evidence, I would 100% rather eat there than any other restaurant on TripAdvisor with a 5 star rating and a million good reviews. The wings here are so good that not even an armed psychopath threatening to kill you while demanding all your possessions can ruin the experience. Why would you care about being murdered when you’re already in heaven tucking into an 10/10 chicken wing anyway?

Or maybe this sort of thing is just that common in parts of south America that the average person in a FILA tracksuit doesn’t even flinch anymore? That’s possible too. But I’m sticking with the elite chicken wing theory.

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