Chet Hanks Has Dropped The Official Rules And Regulations For ‘White Boy Summer’

Glad he’s cleared that up.

We didn’t manage to get the video up in time, but towards the end of last week the internet went a bit crazy over the fact that Tom Hanks’ weird rapper son Chet Hanks made an Instagram post declaring that he had just been vaccinated and that it was now going to be a ‘white boy summer’ because of it.

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I’m not really sure if anyone knew exactly what he meant by the phrase ‘white boy summer’ and it seems like Hanks caught on to this as he made a follow up video over the weekend where he clarified the exact rules and regulations of the phrase. Here we go:

Rule #1: No plaid shirts. (Vineyard vines, Ralph Lauren, etc) No plaid shirts, can’t be looking like a picnic table, just leave that shit at home, the Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren…just put on a black tee, white tee just keep it simple

Rule #2: No Sperry-Topsiders. No Sperry-Topsiders, that’s not the type of white boys we’re talking about. Get yourself some Vans, some Chucks, and some Jordans.

Rule #3 No salmon-colored clothing. Anything salmon-colored in your wardrobe, burn it, burn that shit. Don’t’ ever wear it again.

Rule #4 No more saying the word “Smokeshow” – No calling girls smokeshows, that term is played out dude, you can’t see a hot chick and call her a smoke, that’s over with.

OK glad he cleared all that up because I definitely know what he means by ‘White Boy Summer’ now??? It was all so obvious. Gonna be one hell of an event? As long as you don’t wear a salmon coloured plaid shirt of course. What a moron.

For more of the same, check out Chet speaking in a Jamaican accent and leaving everyone horrified.


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