Tom Hanks’s Rapper Son Says His Dad Is ‘Not Trippin’ Over Coronavirus Diagnosis (VIDEO)

Where’s his Jamaican accent gone?

You may have heard that Tom Hanks and his wife Rita both tested positive for coronavirus this week, which sounds like something out of a movie where they cast Tom Hanks to fight coronavirus but it’s actually happening in real life.

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Well not to worry because Tom Hanks’s son Chet, who you might remember from that cringey video where he speaks patois, is here to reassure everyone that his mum and dad are gonna be OK:

So there you have it. If you were sat at home wondering whether Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were trippin’ over the coronavirus, then you now have your answer thanks to their son Chet (who seems to have mysteriously lost his Jamaican accent). I mean it’s bad enough finding out that they have coronavirus but if we were to learn they were trippin’ over it too? I’m not sure the world could handle it. Big up Chet for coming through with that update to let us know his parents aren’t trippin’.

Seriously though, coronavirus is properly fucking up 2020. NBA season cancelled, concerts/gigs/WWE shows cancelled, international flight bans, celebrity illnesses, and who knows what else by the end of today. Remember to take the necessary precautions and let’s hope we can get back to normality sooner rather than later.

For Joe Rogan’s coronavirus interview with an infectious disease expert the other night, click HERE. It’s not looking good.


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