Chester FC Had To Cancel Their Zoom Meeting With Fans After It Got Flooded With Porn

Could a rival club be responsible?

How horny does someone have to be to hijack a sixth-tier football club’s Zoom meeting with a bunch of porn? I don’t know, but that’s what happened to National League North side Chester FC who were forced to abandon the session after the hackers took over.

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More than 170 fans had logged into the meeting of the supporter-owned club to give updates on the campaign, but it had to be cut short before a planned interview with manager Anthony Johnson when directors were replaced by a porn video.

Cheshire club chairman Andrew Morris said:

Sadly there were some people who obviously joined with a different agenda than talking about the challenges of non-league football.

Welp, I suppose any hole’s a goal. Although I am wondering whether this was really the work of some horny trolls with nothing better to do or maybe a rival club trying to sabotage Chester FC? After all, the club is second in the National League North table and trail leaders Gloucester by 7 points with a game in hand. Could Gloucester, or maybe 3rd and 4th place AFC Fylde or Brackley Town be behind this? What about Kidderminster Harriers (5th)? They sound like a club that would sabotage a rival’s Zoom meeting for sure.

It might not even matter really, because the league has been in absolute turmoil thanks to COVID-19, and it looks as though the season may be declared null and void any day now. No way of knowing how hardcore the porn got but seems a pretty apt way of stating how f*cked things are at the moment with non-league football. That’s just how it goes right now.

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