Cheryl Thinks Her Husband Got Chlamydia From Wearing A Face Mask On Business Trip

Oh dear.

A woman is being ruthlessly mocked online after claiming her husband contracted chlamydia from wearing a protective face mask on a business trip.

When I first read this exchange I thought for sure that Cheryl was trolling the original poster. But nope, turns out people really are this stupid:

Welp, that’s awkward. Can just imagine happily married Cheryl kissing her husband goodbye on his business trip, then settling down in her favourite chair to share boomer memes on Facebook all day, only to then find out her husband’s employer forced him to wear a mask on his business trip and boom – Cheryl’s husband catches “clamedia”. Coincidence? Not in Cheryl’s world. In Cheryl’s world not only are masks useless in preventing the spread of COVID-19, they also give you STDs! Nightmare.

In fact I’d bet anything that Cheryl thinks coronavirus is one big hoax and part of Bill Gates’s plan to take over the world or whatever. So yeah, don’t be a sheep like Cheryl’s husband and wear a mask. That’s how you end up with chlamydia.

P.S. Live look at Cheryl’s hubby on his business trip:

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