First Jen An, then the Biebz, now Chezza – again.

I don’t know why we care, maybe it’s because she’s hot… But, either way, we care. And it’s clearly breaking news that once again, Cheryl Cole has changed the colour and style of her hair. Again.

Just like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber, Cheryl Cole has the country in a frenzy over her new do. Removing her long, brown hair extensions Cutting off her luscious, long, voluminous, brown hair, which she has previously been famed for, she recently stepped out in public for the first time since her X Factor US rejection with a honey blonde coloured bob. It was obvious that when she was cut from the American talent show, crushing her early dreams of ‘making it’ in the States, her hair would have to be cut too.

Of course, it’s not the first time Chezza’s hair has caused a stir. Back when she was still best buds with Simon Cowell and making the music world that little bit worse with the uprising of Cher Lloyd, Cheryl Cole dyed her hair a daring red. Not forgetting, that was also the time that she and her ex-husband, Ashley Cole, were filing for divorce. And now that she’s lost the early chance of making herself widely known in the US, her appearance has undergone another drastic change. Watch out ladies! If you’re going to duplicate Chezza’s way of dealing with problems in life and change your hair every time you have a bad day, you best get saving now! Obviously, it could just simply be that her extravagant 28th birthday party was only a day or so ago and so she fancied wowing her friends with and new hair style. Who knows. Personally, I believe it was the former.

So, I guess I won’t be able to walk around town tomorrow without seeing hundreds of Cheryl Cole wannabes lookalikes, then? Well done L’Oreal, sales are going to soar!

Back when Cheryl dyed her locks red:

Just days ago, a bubbly, blonde colour:


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