Cheryl Cole Gets Insane Tattoo Across Her Bum Cheeks


Cheryl Cole spent 14 hours getting her bum cheeks seriously inked up.

Is this what happens when you try to cover up a tattoo you regret with another, bigger tattoo?

Regrettable anchor tattoo on your bicep? How about we cover it up with a GIANT KOI FISH SLEEVE? Not feeling your ex’s name across your chest anymore? How about we cover the entire front side of your torso with a SUBMARINE? Tramp stamp no longer doing it for you? How about a MASSIVE MURAL OF ROSES that will stretch all the way down over your butt cheeks?

That’s definitely how this went down. We know it, you know it, Cheryl knows it. Respect for dealing with what must’ve been a literal pain the arse though.

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