Cheryl Cole Is Under Fire After The BBC Made Her The Host Of New R&B Show

People are not happy at all.

The BBC and Cheryl Cole have come under fire after the broadcaster appointed Cheryl as host of a new 12-part podcast about R&B music called ‘You, Me & R&B’.

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The idea behind her appointment, I’m guessing, is that Cheryl is still a household name in the UK and so it makes sense to use her to draw in more casual listeners rather than just R&B enthusiasts. That’s not the way a large section of the internet saw it however, as they believe the show should have been hosted by a black presenter and was just another example of “black talent being pushed to the side and ignored.”

That seems to be the majority consensus, although some people are #TeamCheryl or at least #TeamCan’tWeAllJustGetAlong?

Well it’s a tricky one really. As I said the producers of the show understandably want a mainstream name attached to the program and someone like Cheryl Cole ticks that box. However doesn’t authenticity also come into it? I mean for one thing, Cheryl is a pop star, and not even a good one at that. Maybe someone like Jamelia, Miss Dynamite or even Lady Leshurr could have been a good fit. The fact she beat up a black nightclub toilet attendant in 2003 doesn’t help matters either now that that’s all over the timeline again too.

Time will tell whether the BBC caves to the backlash and replaces Cheryl, although for now they’ve put out this statement:

We feature a wide range of voices spanning different genres across our extensive music output,” a spokesperson told The Independent.

Many of our shows are fronted by DJs who are experts in their fields, others are hosted by people with a passion for their topic. Cheryl’s You, Me and R&B shares personal stories from her youth, soundtracked by her favourite genre.

Maybe they could balance this all out by having Stormzy present a documentary on the BeeGees or something? I’d watch that for sure.

To meet the lady who spent £3000 on surgery to look like Cheryl Cole, click HERE. Not sure that quite worked out.


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