Chelsea Handler Brutally Destroyed Angelina Jolie When Talking About Her Divorce Last Night (VIDEO)

She’s only saying what we’re all thinking.

Chelsea Handler has a pretty sharp fucking tongue (remember when she murdered Piers Morgan on his own show) and definitely is not afraid to say what she thinks, as was the case when she chimed in on the Angelina/Brad Pitt divorce earlier.

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Credit to her – she’s bang on the money with her break-down of what went wrong:

Brutal stuff. What other presenter out there would go on TV and say Angelina Jolie is a lunatic and Brad Pitt gets drunk and stoned all the time because he has 27 adopted children who all speak different languages? I’m sure the fact Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston are best mates also has something to do with it but still, nice to get a realistic take on it.

To watch the moment George Clooney found out about his mate Brad’s divorce on live TV, click HERE.


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