Anglers Catch Monster Fish So Big It Could Make 1170 Portions Of Fish And Chips

Moonfish 1

Catch of the day.

A group of fishermen were stunned after catching an absolutely gigantic rare moonfish.

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The Russian anglers were in the Pacific Ocean off the Kuril Islands when they caught the fish, which is so big it could make 1170 portions of fish and chips. The 1.2 ton monster is believed to be the largest fish ever caught in the area.


Although this thing could’ve fed a lot of people, the anglers bizarrely decided to feed it to wild bears, which led to a social media backlash. Here are a couple of comments from the online community:

Why wouldn’t they take a picture and let it go? It got rotten and they threw it out.

They simply murdered such a huge fish. It could have still been living in the ocean.

Moonfish 2

It does seem a bit of a waste to be honest. Still the nearby Sakhalin Museum of Local Lore are desperate to not let the fish’s death be for nothing and are now hoping to have its carcass stuffed as part of an exhibit. Lovely.

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