Spiteful Chef Boasts About Spiking ‘Pious, Judgmental Vegans’ With Meat

Not cool.

With Veganuary in full flow, now is probably the worst time for a chef to be outed as the kind of person that hates vegans so much they actively try and spike their food with meat.

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In fairness, Laura Goodman, the chef and co-owner of Carlini in Shifnal, Shropshire, probably only has herself to blame for the revelations, as she decided to post in a Facebook group about a recent encounter last Friday with a vegan customer. Bad move.

The post has now been deleted, but of course there are a bunch of screenshots so Laura is probably never ever going to be able to escape her actions. Take a look:

Damn – that is some downright reprehensible behaviour. Even as a happily practicing non vegan, I’ve gotta say that it’s completely out of order to do that to someone and I don’t think I would ever do something like that knowingly. It’s just so completely and utterly slack really isn’t it?

Needless to say, the vegan community was suitably outraged about it. Carlini has already deleted its Facebook page – presumably because of so much negative feedback and its TripAdvisor page and Google pages have been flooded with one star reviews:

Ouch. I doubt Goodman is ever going to be able to work as a chef again, but you can’t say she doesn’t deserve it. If she’s going to be that spiteful and irresponsible with her cooking, then why would anyone trust her in the kitchen ever again? Can’t think of a good reason right now, can you?

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