Cheese Tea Is Making Its Way To The UK To Ruin Tea Breaks Forever

Cheese tea


It’s without a doubt that the UK’s favourite hot beverage is tea. We drink gallons of the stuff every day at any chance we can get.

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For many people the only break they can get at work is to make a round of teas, but this tradition might be set to change thanks to the emergence of a bizarre new food trend called Cheese Tea. And yes, it sounds as gross as it looks.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, tea topped with cheese is spreading like wildfire across Asian tea houses and it’s now even reached the US shores, meaning only one thing – it’s only a matter of time before it hits the UK.

Just to put this into perspective, we could soon see everyone drinking matcha or jasmine tea topped with actual whipped cheese. Apparently the “cheesy foam” (gross) is supposed to detract from the teas’ bitter taste, making it more like a milkshake. Yes, that’s all very well and good, but what’s wrong with just PG Tips and a dash of milk?

Why can’t we just leave tea and cheese as two separate entities – they work and taste perfectly fine on their own. I know I should be more open minded about this but I’m afraid I’m going to have to put my foot down because cheese tea sounds absolutely rank.

Something that I do welcome though is these incredible shark-shaped tea bags that release gruesome red tea. Awesome.


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