‘Cheese Posties’ Are Promising To Deliver Grilled Cheese Sandwiches To Your Door

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Sickest idea ever.

We all know that grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the best inventions ever – check out some of these badboys if you need convincing – but we can probably all agree that sometimes it is a bit of a ballache to make them.

So what better than a grilled cheese sandwich delivered to your door once a week? That’s the concept that’s being touted by new Kickstarter Cheese Posties, which aims to do exactly that. And it’s not just your standard grilled cheese either – every week they’ll offer you a new delicious combo grilled cheese if you choose to accept it.

Sounds perfect right? Well, it isn’t exactly perfect because the grilled cheese sandwich doesn’t come ready made to your door unfortunately, but it is the next best thing. For just £3.99 the ingredients for the sandwich will be delivered with a toasting bag, so you just set up the sandwich how you like it and then stick it in the toasting bag and voila – your grilled cheese is ready.

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As with everything like this, you can expect only the highest quality artisan bread and fine cheeses, as well as only the best combo ingredients such as nutella, chorizo, bacon and chutney. I’ve already signed up so what are you waiting for.

If you still need convincing you can check out some of their promised gourmet combos on the slideshow.

Gouda & Tigernut Relish
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