Check Out This Insane Remake Of ‘Red Alert 2’ In The Unreal 4 Engine


How has this reboot taken so long?

There’s pretty much no doubt in my mind that ‘Command & Conquer Red Alert’ was one of the definitive video games of the late 90s/early 00s as pretty much everyone had it and would spend countless nights building concrete slabs for refineries so you could finally take down those pesky Russians. Or the Allies if you were a secret commie.

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Given that fact, it’s kind of surprising that nobody has tried to reboot the game for the video game market now, but one guy named Adam Horvath decided to take it upon himself, making a 2016 version of ‘Red Alert’ using the Unreal 4 version:

Hi everybody,

I’d like to share my latest personal project. It’s proof of concept VR RTS based on the original C&C: Red Alert 2 game.

Since I got my HTC Vive, I was wondering how cool it would be to play C&C: Red Alert 2 in VR on a large room sized plotting table.

So I decided to make it… and yes, I was right it’s awesome!

Yep, he was definitely right there because this does look absolutely amazing. It’s a shame he filmed it vertically because that kind of detracts from how fun it looks, but it does bring back a lot of good memories and you’ve got to think it would be successful if somebody did try and release it these days.

I love the addition of an in game tablet too – way better than that annoying fiddly interface on the side in the original. Horvath seems to be getting a lot of publicity about this video, so hopefully we will see some kind of full game later on this year. Be shame for all his hard work to go to waste.

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