Check Out Hundreds Of Students Cramming Into Halls For An Illegal Rave As Coronavirus Cases Soar

No sleep in the COV.

Kinda seems like it’s only a matter of time until we’re plunged into a real lockdown again as Coronavirus cases soar and politicians desperately try and find some way to keep the economy going even though it doesn’t exist. Videos like the one in this article only serve to further substantiate this idea, as well as perpetuate the idea that young people are to blame for it happening which the politicians again seem desperate to bang into the public consciousness.

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To be fair, even though I don’t think the blame can firmly be placed at the feet of young people – they should never have been allowed to go to university in the first place as the results have shown it to be an absolutely terrible idea – videos like this aren’t exactly painting them in a good light. The footage comes from Coventry University, where hundreds of students crammed into a room at Arundel House – near the university’s main campus – for an illegal rave on Monday morning where social distancing and the rule of six were clearly not observed.

The video was entitled no sleep in the C.O.V. – take a look and see what you think:

Looks pretty wild doesn’t it? I can’t really say I’m surprised though – everyone knows fresher’s week and the first couple of weeks of uni are completely and utterly mad and if you stop people going out to clubs or whatever it seems like the most obvious thing ever that they’re just going to bring the party to their halls and go completely crazy there instead. Gotta be the dumbest idea yet to allow this to happen, especially now that it seems they’re all self isolating in their dorms and attending lessons/lectures via Zoom anyway. Just an accident waiting to happen.

Coventry police, the University and Arundel House all say that they’re aware of the video and will be studying the footage and making arrests/proceeding with disciplinary hearings if they find that current government/university guidelines have been breached. That kind of implies to me that they’re going to have a busy couple of days if what they’re saying is actually true.

Good luck to them I suppose, but if they really think that’s gonna stop people doing stuff like this then they’ve got another thing coming. Think the only thing for it is another lockdown, as much as it pains me to say it.

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