Check Out Behind The Scene Footage Of The ‘Planet Earth II’ Iguana Snake Chase


That was tense.

One of the most famous scenes from the recently aired first episode of David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth II’ has to be the intense iguana/snake chase.

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Viewers were on the edge of their seats watching the baby lizard run for its life while being chased down by a group of angry looking snakes. Twitter users called it “the stuff of nightmares” as they watched it run over the sand before being engulfed by the writhing mass of serpents.

Amazingly, the lizard made it through and now, thanks to the bosses over at the BBC, you can watch the behind-the-scene footage of one that wasn’t so lucky.

The producers said:

This is the first time snakes have been filmed hunting en masse.

But they aren’t working together. It’s every snake for itself.

It’s a snake-eat-iguana world out there. Makes you realise that we humans haven’t got it so bad, hey?

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