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There have been a lot of eating challenges that we’ve featured in these pages over the years, but I don’t think I’ve ever come across one from a fish and chips shop before until this one courtesy of Elizabeth Forrester from Tamworth and her chip shop there.

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The meal is 2.5kg of food and comes in at roughly 3000 calories, consisting of three large portions of battered cod, a large portion of chips, three slices of bread and butter, and four sides with competitors having the choice of beans, mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy. That doesn’t actually sound as bad as I thought it would – mainly because there’s only one large chips, but you know that eating three pieces of large battered fish is going to be super tough because that stuff does not mess around does it?

Anyway, Elizabeth had this to say about the challenge:

When I see the size of the portion of the food we make for the fish and chip challenge it shocks me every time.

I could never imagine eating it myself. I don’t think I could even attempt it.

We have had nine people take on the challenge so far since we started the fish and chip challenge last month and it has only been completed once.

All of the other competitors gave up halfway through.

They end up looking like they’re in a coma after attempting the 3,000 calorie meal. Their eyes are glazed over and they said that they felt like they couldn’t even move after their attempt.

I think that the slices of bread and butter make the challenge even more difficult.

I say to all of the competitors that it’ll be the bread that gets them.

The prize for completing the challenge is a lucky dip where one of the prizes is your money back.

It usually takes us around 15 minutes to prepare the entire plate of food.

The fish takes the longest as it is just so big it takes a while to batter it and wait for it to cook.

The meal is extremely carb-heavy, so I am not really surprised that there has only been one successful competitor so far.

Yeah I can’t actually believe that anyone’s been able to finish it to be honest, but there are some special people out there who live for this kind of shit aren’t there? Count me out though – hard enough just finishing a regular portion of fish and chips let alone a triple portion of fish with a bunch of pieces of bread too. Leave it to the experts.

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