Watch This Cheating Wife’s Lover Hang Off A Balcony In The Nude After Her Husband Came Home

Hanging From Balcony

Holding on for dear life.

If you’re having an affair with someone then there’s gotta be nothing worse than hearing the key turn in the lock whilst you’re mid bone and worrying just what the hell you’re going to do in the next ten seconds so that they don’t find out.

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This is going to be multiplied tenfold if you’re completely nude and another tenfold if you’re in a fourth floor flat with no way out of her bedroom except the window. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what the guy in the video did below, climbing out and hanging off the side of the balcony in the nude to try and avoid the wrath of his mistress’s husband.

Luckily, someone was just walking down the street and able to film it as well. Fantastic:

Man I really thought he was gonna be able to hold on as he had some pretty enviable prairie dogging technique there didn’t he? Hell of a slam at the bottom though isn’t it?

Not sure if I’m supposed to say that I hope he’s doing alright because it’s not cool to have sex with someone else’s wife, but I suppose I don’t wanna see anyone get hurt so let’s hope he’s OK. There’s no particular news out there about this other than it went down in China so I don’t think we’re ever gonna know unfortunately. So it goes.

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