Family Bury Their Son In Bright Blue Adidas Shoebox And Spell Out ‘Chav’ With Flowers


How to die in style.

A 17-year-old boy tragically died this year from head injuries during an ‘altercation’ (fight) with a group of guys.

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To send their son off in style, the parents and family of Jack Gudge threw the most extravagant chav-themed funeral including flowers that spelled the word ‘chav’ and an Adidas shoebox-style coffin. It’s what he would have wanted.



The funeral took place yesterday, which saw eight of his friends carrying the bright blue coffin. Jack’s father said:

We just want to say a huge thank you to all those people who have rallied round to help and support us through this time.

The amount of people who have organised events in his memory, sent us flowers and cards, or just come to check on us at home has been completely overwhelming.



You could question why they decided to use the word ‘chav’ to describe their son due to its negative connotations, but apparently it was Jack’s ‘favourite word’. The words ‘grandson’, ‘brother’, ‘Jack and ‘cousin’ were also spelled out and placed around the casket, while versions of Olaf the snowman from the Disney film ‘Frozen’ and a red and white football were also on show. After the church service his coffin was carried out to the OMI song ‘cheerleader’.

They really didn’t hold back on the details, did they? It appeared to have the desired affect, as the service was so full they ran out of seating and people had to stand at the back.


A family statement said:

Jack was a much loved, admired and respected young man who had his whole life ahead of him.

As a family our world stopped but over this past three months we have placed our faith in the justice system, allowing them the time to investigate these matters.

Our world was shattered again when we were informed that no charges would be brought.

An inquest is due to be held soon and we hope that during the process we will learn as much as we can about our son’s final moments and the reasons why the CPS reached their decision.

We cannot express our distress, disappointment or the feelings of absolute rawness that surrounds us. Our boy can never come back.

It’s completely wretched when a family member passes, particularly one so young. RIP Jack and hats off to the family for giving him the send off he deserves.

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