Charlottesville White Supremacist Filmed Crying Like A Baby After Being Threatened With Arrest

Crying White Supremacist


All eyes are still on Charlottesville in the aftermath of the Nazi march at the weekend, although it seems kind of unclear what’s actually going to happen there now.

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One thing that is certain is that there’s going to be consequences for the people involved in the march and the death of Heather Heyer. One of these men is white supremacist Christopher Cantwell, who was filmed as part of a VICE documentary about the riots saying he was glad that “one of them” died and not “one of us” and that he likes to provoke violence, which is why he carries a gun with him everywhere he goes, even to the gym. Classic meathead.

Anyway, he’s not looking so tough now that everything is screwed, and here’s a video of him learning about a warrant for his arrest and actually breaking down and crying about it:

What an absolute pussy. If you’re gonna be like that then at least act like a man and face up to the consequences of your actions with some integrity – don’t just break down like a little baby.

What the hell is he even talking about as well? Why bring Chelsea Manning into it? How can you say that you wanted it to be a non-violent protest when you’re bragging about carrying your gun around and provoking violence? Why are you happy about someone else dying? Absolute idiot.

I suppose this pretty much sums up the white supremacist movement though – a bunch of scared little boys posturing behind slogans and guns, but when it’s time to stand up and be counted they just run away with their tiny dicks between their legs. Hope this guy goes to jail and gets what he deserves. Loser.

For more white supremacy, check out this white kid dropping the n-bomb before running like a coward. Another pussy.


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