Charlie Sheen’s Just Had A Complete Melt Down On Twitter

Charlie Sheen

Thought he lost it before? Nah, he was just saving it for now.

Charlie Sheen Two And A Half Men Tweet 3

Yes, I know it’s the same thing three times over and over again, but I thought that was an important part of the story as it clearly shows that Charlie was completely wasted when he was posting the tweets, especially as two of them are half an hour in between each other. It’s also interesting to note that the tweet longer link he posted on them actually went to a post that has less text than the original tweet. Bizarre? Of course, but this is Charlie Sheen and he was clearly messed up.

Rumours abound that this has something to do with Charlie Sheen and his alleged desire to appear in the Two And A Half Men finale, despite the fact his character was killed off screen when all the stuff blew up with show creator Chuck Lorre a few years ago and he was fired from the show. Despite Sheen’s apparent willingness, and Ashton Kutcher neither confirming or denying he would return when asked point blank by Ellen recently, these tweets would seem to imply that Lorre put the skids on the whole deal. Hot damn.

To be honest though, does anybody actually care if Charlie Sheen is going to be in the Two And A Half Men finale?! Did anyone (except a bunch of retarded Americans) even watch that crap in the first place?

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