HIV-Positive Charlie Sheen Is The Face Of A New Condom Brand That Claims It NEVER Breaks

Bold move.

In one of the boldest marketing moves we’ve ever heard of, Charlie Sheen has put his name behind a new brand of condom that supposedly never breaks and won’t reduce sexual pleasure.

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50-year-old Sheen announced last November that he’d been battling HIV for years and admitted he caught the virus through “irresponsible” sexual behaviour.

Well this week he’s become the face of a product touted as the “first major innovation in condoms for 70 years” – the LELO HEX.

The LELO HEX apparently addresses common complains people have with condoms – that they reduce pleasure, slip frequently and break too easily.

I guess we’ll have to wait on some user reviews before giving them a shot, but my first thought is there is no fucking chance I am using a condom that’s got the Charlie Sheen stamp of approval. Would much prefer the celebrity face of my condom to not have any STDs, thank you very much. It just doesn’t fill me with much confidence although I appreciate the idea behind a famous person with HIV reminding you to stay strapped. Solid advice no matter who it’s coming from.

To read Charlie Sheen’s PA’s account of how he discovered Sheen was HIV positive, click HERE.


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