Charles Manson’s Final Words Have Been Revealed

Charles Manson

Charles Manson is one of the most bizarre and awful characters in history and many were celebrating his death when it was announced a couple of days ago after he started a death cult and convinced them to kill a bunch of people back in the 1960s. Messed up doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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In order to capitalise on the hype surrounding his death, a new documentary named ‘Charles Manson: The Final Words’ is set to be aired on US cable network Reelz on December 3rd. It had originally been scheduled to be broadcast sometime next year.

To say the premise of the show is completely weird would be an understatement, as it features several phone calls between Manson and metal singer/horror film director Rob Zombie. Apparently, Manson started calling him on the phone late last year and the two struck up an unusual ‘friendship’.

Here’s the promo for the show which was obtained exclusively by TMZ and is understandably chilling:

Yeah, not sure if that’s actually going to tell us what his genuine final words are, but it’s going to give us more than enough of a terrifying look inside his head and at just what made him tick. Definitely one to try and watch in a couple of weeks if you’re into that kind of stuff – maybe the rest of us should just steer clear though as it sounds like it’s going to be pretty screwed up.

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