Charles Bronson Under Investigation After Launching Bottle Of Piss At A Fellow Prisoner


Up to his old tricks.

Britain’s most notorious prisoner, Charles Bronson, is being probed by prison officials after allegedly attacking a murderer.

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In the attack, Bronson threw a bottle of piss at machine gun killer Kevan Thakrar as he walked past his cell.


Thakrar was being escorted by seven officers when the attack took place at Wakefield Prison’s Close Supervision Centre. This is meant to be a prison inside a prison, as it holds the UK’s most dangerous men.

Bronson was also said to have hurled racist abuse at Thakrar, who is a Muslim, shouting at him from behind his cage door in the wing. Sources state that Thakrar is so enraged by the attack that he’s thinking about taking action against the officers for failing to protect him. Yeah fair play, the racial side of it is really not cool. But if you’re someone who has quite literally machine gunned people to death, it’s hardly within your rights to be complaining about a little bottle of piss being thrown at you.

A source said:

Thakrar doesn’t need much of an excuse to bring a complaint against officers and this will be no exception.

He is saying that the prison officers allowed this incident to take place because he was with seven of them and it still happened. But that is not the case. It was just one of those unsavoury things which happen all the time in jail.

Bronson will be investigated and could lose his privileges.

He is a currently on the enhanced regime and could be busted down to standard or even basic meaning he would be allowed less time for visits and not allowed to spend as much money each week on treats like chocolate.


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There’s actually even more to this story than meets the eye. Thekrar, who has been given a 35 year sentence after he killed three people including his son during a drug deal gone wrong, sounds like a bit of a cry baby. Apparently he’s already made 16 claims since he was jailed in 2008 including the loss of a mug, milk going missing from his cell and shampoo being squirted over his CDs. Give it a rest mate. For a murderer especially, he sounds like a right moany bastard.

Either way, Bronson sounds like he’s in a bit of trouble. Maybe he should put together a dossier of art to sweeten up the officers – it worked last time.


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