Charles Bronson Makes His Son Send Sex Toys To His 12 Girlfriends To Keep Them Satisfied



Charles Bronson is well known as Britain’s most notorious prisoner, spending the better part of the last fifty years locked up for multiple offences including armed robbery, grievous bodily harm, blackmail and taking hostage – but that hasn’t stopped him from picking up multiple girlfriends on the outside.

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We have written about some of Bronson’s girlfriends before, but I don’t think that I quite knew the extent of just how many there were until Channel 4 started to air the two-part documentary ‘Bronson: Fit to be Free?’ the other night, regarding his attempt to be handed parole in the coming days. The series revealed that Bronson had as many as 12 girlfriends on the outside and that he regularly roped his son into sending out sex toys and vibrators to each one of them in order to keep them satisfied.

Here’s what George Bamby had to say about it all:

Quite a lot of the time I find myself on occasion posting out little toys for some of his girlfriends.

In fact, I’ve got one at the moment where he sent me the name and address of some young lady – well, not young lady, she’s about 40-odd – that he’s been talking to for a while.

He really likes her and he wants me to post something out to her.

He [Bronson] likes to please his girlfriends and that’s the only way he can send them gifts of certain things.

Flowers sometimes, sometimes it’s boxed up, whatever.

He’ll add a note saying ‘I’ll be out in a few months, while I’m still in here, here’s something to keep you occupied.

It’s a vibrator, don’t know how it works or what I’ve bought, that’s it.’

Cute, maybe? Or possibly majorly creepy that he’s getting his son – who he’s only really known for the past five years after he got a 99.98% DNA match, and how well can you really know someone when they’ve been in jail your whole relationship? – to send out dildos to women that he’s never really met either.

The whole situation is very strange, but I always find it weird when you hear about lonely old women writing to murderers in prison and falling in love with them. Just have a look on Tinder FFS. Can understand Bronson wanting to keep them happy – we all know what it’s like when you’re girlfriend is in a bad mood about nothing – but again, it’s a completely abnormal set of circumstances isn’t it?

Anyway, Bronson seems convinced that he’ll be getting out of the slammer fairly soon so that’s something for us to look forward to in the future. Can you imagine the crazy stuff he’ll get up to once he’s on the outside?

For more of the same, check out this rare footage that showed Bronson getting disqualified after becoming too violent during a boxing match. Brutal.



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