You Can Now Charge Your Phone Using Fire

Ever been camping or at a festival and your phone dies and you don’t want to pay the fees to charge your phone? A company in America have invented a possible alternative.

Imagine the scenario: you’re trapped in the woods, lost and alone. All you have with you is your mobile phone and the ability to make fire (i.e. a box of matches and some twigs). As you’re a 21st Century person you probably have no survival skills, so your probably going to die. Shame. To waste some time before the sweet relief of death surrounds you, you decide to upload some snaps of your awesome new fire to Instagram. You reach for your phone but to your annoyance it’s died while searching for signal. If only you could utilise the newly made fire to charge your phone…

Well fear not intrepid reader. The company FlameStower are here to help you out with their new invention. The heat from the fire can now be used to power a generator, while the water keeps the generator cool, and the generator is what charges your phone.

This product is currently just a Kickstarter idea, but has already surpassed its goal of $15,000 by quite a margin, so it looks like this will end up in production one day.

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