Chaos In Your Town

Cause chaos in your town with the help of Google Maps.

Chaos In Your Town

Chaos In Your Town is one of those websites that uses Google maps and Google street view to render the background of a movie so it represents whatever address you tell it to. (Arcade Fire used the same idea for a music video – check it out here).

So the idea behind Chaos In Your Town is that you tell it what address to use (they recommend using your own address, cos you’ll recognise that area, obviously) and it will play a movie featuring some sort of alien/robot/monster destroying your town and then blowing up your house at the end. I put in my address but the monster ended up blowing up my neighbour’s house, which is pretty funny cos they’re fvcking pricks.

Chaos In Your Town is an advert for State Farm Insurance, with their tag-line being: “Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared”. Not the best but guess it beats the Go Compare dickhead annoying me in every Come Dine With Me ad break.

Check out Chaos In Your Town here.


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