Chamonix Skywalk – Are You Brave Enough To Face This?

The Chamonix Skywalk

This looks completely and utterly nerve shredding.

An insanely terrifying (if you’re scared of heights that is, which I definitely am) new attraction called The Chamonix Skywalk has opened in the French Alps on top of the Auguille du Midi mountain and it looks like only the bravest of the brave will have the balls to test it out.

It’s pretty much just a glass box on the edge of a ski resort but that’s exactly why it’s so scary – the floor is made of glass and the nearest piece of ground underneath it is around 1000m away. That’s a long way down. It also sounds especially nerve wracking because it’s super windy up there so they would be whirling all around you whilst you tried to pluck up the courage to walk into the glass box. Or ‘Step Into The Void’ as the attraction is going to be called. Don’t worry though, the box can withstand winds of up to 166mph so SHOULD technically never get blown away by them. We hope.

You might not think that it’s that scary walking on a glass floor, but I went up the CN Tower in Toronto and was absolutely petrified of walking across it, although I did do it eventually. This looks about ten times scarier than that.

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Chamonix Skywalk 3

Chamonix Skywalk 2

Chamonix Skywalk


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