Chael Sonnen Just Absolutely Decimated Tito Ortiz Ahead Of Their Fight With This Line About Jenna Jameson

Sonnen Ortiz

Taking no prisoners.

UFC and MMA is a sport that is no stranger to trash talking, but this might be one of the biggest cusses I have ever heard period, let alone just in that arena.

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Tito Ortiz is set to fight Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170 on Saturday night and the press conference went down yesterday. Sonnen absolutely dropped the bomb on Ortiz in just one sentence, completely destroying him and his relationship with the mother of his children, porn star Jenna Jameson:

Chael Sonnen showing why he is the “bad guy” at the #Bellator170 pre-fight conference.

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Ouch – that’s no way to talk about anyone’s girlfriend/ex-girlfriend and it doesn’t look like Ortiz is too happy about it either. You would think that if you’re going to date a porn star though then you would probably be used to people coming out with stuff like that, it kinda comes with the territory. Still, no need for him to say it to his face, right?

Gotta hand it to Sonnen though, he looks like an absolute killer, just raising his arms like the cocky little brat he is. Going to be an even better fight now after that insult got thrown. Probably tipping Sonnen to come out on top, purely because Ortiz is so goddamn old now, but you never really know what’s going to happen in MMA do you? We’ll see tomorrow night.

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