Chad And JT Return To Court To Defend The LA House Party Scene

JT PArtying

Fight for your right to party.

Yesterday we bought you a video of two bros named Chad and JT who appeared in the LA courts to defend house parties, as apparently there’s a very serious issue over there with them that could result in them being banned in the city.

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Chad and JT may have come across as idiot surfer bros, but it turns out that they’re serious in their mission to save house parties in LA, as they returned to court to put forward other arguments yesterday. Here’s what they had to say:

What a beautiful sentiment from both of them, even if they did get cut off. That story about chugging the beer bong is positively Shakespearian in its execution. I can’t believe the judge cut them both off, but hopefully they’re not going to stop fighting for their right to party.

The best thing about this is that it was also revealed yesterday that these guys weren’t even real teenagers, but a couple of comedians doing all this for lolz (perhaps with a serious undertone sure). Despite that fact that this is very funny and also important – house parties definitely shouldn’t be banned anywhere – I’m kind of perplexed how the court didn’t figure this out themselves and allowed them to return with these stupid speeches, even if they were just going to shut them down halfway through. That’s freedom for you over in America though.

If you missed their original court appearance then click here. Possibly even better.


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