Celtic Player Investigated For Saying Girl, 8, Will Look “Peng” When She’s Older On Instagram

Oh dear.

For the uninitiated, let’s take a look at the definition of the word ‘peng’, courtesy of the Cambridge Dictionary…

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Probably not the word you should be using to describe an 8-year-old girl on Instagram, and especially not when you’re a professional footballer who’s going to get put on blast over it every time.

Sure enough, Celtic are now investigating 18-year-old youth team player Armstrong Okoflex, after he told an 8-year-old Celtic fan who joined him on Instagram Live that she would be “peng” when she’s older.

The girl actually joined the video chat with her mum, but after they left Armstrong said:

That’s cute. She’s one of them ones, that she’ll probably be peng when she’s older.

As per Celtic News Now, the club have released this statement after being alerted to the clip:

The matter will be investigated and the appropriate action will be taken.

Naturally the guy is getting dissed and meme’d into oblivion on Twitter, and it’s obviously a completely dumb and creepy thing to have said, but at 18 years old you do say some daft shit that you don’t necessarily mean, right? I mean it’s natural to have an observation that a young person will be conventionally good-looking when they’re older, but to say it out loud on Instagram Live and in the manner he did? Not a great look for the young pro.

Like I said though, people are having a field day with it. Can’t expect anything less when you say something that creepy on social media:

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