Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves Never Gets Old As New Episode Proves


‘Margot Robbie deserves a tongue punch in the fart box.’

Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves has been a staple of Jimmy Kimmel for a long time now and the only things that’s surprising about it is that he doesn’t do more of them because of how successful and funny they are and how everyone loves them.

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This new episode proves exactly that as a bunch of celebrities like Margot Robbie, Norman Reedus, Greg Kenner, Chris Evans and Melissa McCarthy are all subjected to the vile world of anonymous tweeters giving them shit. Here goes:

Never fails to be entertaining. I think my favourite one was ‘Greg Kinnear stars in holy fuck who gives a shit. Coming soon’ or maybe ‘Margot Robbie needs to be tongue punched in the fart box’. You have to admit that these guys are at least creative in their vitriol.

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