Celebrities Go On TV To Read The Tweets Trolls Have Written About Them

Ever wondered how hard negative tweets hit A-list celebs? Jimmy Kimmel ensures we all wonder no more.

Ever spouted mindlessly to a celebrity, safe in the knowledge that they will never read it?

“Justin Bieber has 44 million followers, what are the odds he’s going to read me telling him to shut the f*ck up?”

Well they do people, and celebrities have feelings too. Imagine each of them shedding a small tear into their third bottle of Cristal or questioning there own existence, staring longingly out of the window of their mansion after reading your abusive tweet, it can really cut deep for these sensitive souls.

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Nah, but seriously, this feature on the Jimmy Kimmel show shows us celebrities reading our abusive tweets that have been directed towards them that they probably would have originally missed. Not only are the tweets astoundingly accurate, the reactions are even better. This one in particular features an array of stars, with an unforgettable Katy Perry tweet, but there are three more for you to enjoy from the series.

Check it:

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