Someone Reimagined Celebrities With Ginger Hair And Some Don’t Actually Look So Bad

Ginger Celebrities

I’m as surprised as you are – although some of them do look terrible.

Having ginger hair is definitely looked upon more as a curse than a privilege in society these days, as everyone I know with ginger hair is constantly dissed about it even if they actually look decent. The only perk really is possibly this ginger discount card, although what it actually achieves is anyone’s guess.

One Instagram account – Put A Rang On It (Ranga is slang for ginger if you didn’t know) – has sought to try and help out all bullied gingers everywhere by imagining if a whole bunch of celebrities had ginger hair and freckles instead of their usual colour hair. The results are mixed to say the least, with people like Justin Timberlake looking completely stupid whereas maybe Taylor Swift doesn’t look that bad.

Ok I lied. None of them actually look that good with ginger hair and freckles. Check out the hilarious pictures on the slideshow.

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Tyler Blackburn

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