Don’t worry, that stupid movie freaked out a bunch of celebrities too! Hear what they have to say about it!

2009 Apocalypse movie 2012 has a lot to answer for. Not only was it shockingly bad, but it also brought the fact that the end of the world was coming in 2012 to the attention of majority the world; so much so that most people are probably subjected to some moron referring to it in conversation at least once a week.

But it’s ok – it’s not just you and me that are fearful of the end of the world as several celebrities seem convinced of impending doom too. Here’s a selection of some of their best quotes regarding the end of days:

Mel Gibson, who is apparently an expert in Mayan culture following his direction of Apocalypto, ‘The precursors to a civilization that’s going under are the same, time and time again. What’s human sacrifice if not sending guys off to Iraq for no reason? … I just wanna draw the parallels. I don’t wanna be a doomsayer, but the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. So have fun, boys and girls!’ Despite believing this he doesn’t seem too bothered, but I guess having directed The Passion of The Christ he can probably expect a seat on the right hand of God when everyone bites it.

Dan Akroyd has noted in typically bizarre fashion: ‘The UFO phenomenon is going to figure greatly [in a] … revelation … the end of the world will come. It won’t be the end of the world physically as we know it, as depicted in the movie. But it will be the end of consciousness and the end of perception as we know it.’ Sounds like he knows something we don’t.

L’il Wayne announced in 2008 his (well structured and reasoned) account of the end of the world, coming up – you guessed it – in 2012: ‘The world is about to end in 2012… ‘cause the Mayans made calendars, and they stop at 2012. I got encyclopedias on the bus. The world is about to end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn’t exist–there’s no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings–and not just the Twin Towers. Mosquitos bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president.’ With logic like that it seems impossible to argue with him.

Ashton Kutcher, speaking to Men’s Fitness magazine obviously (which the photo above was definitely NOT taken from), stated that: ‘All of my physical fitness regimen is completely tailored around the end of days. I stay fit for no other reason than to save the people I care about. I’m going to be ready to take myself and my family to a safe place where they don’t have to worry.’ I’m sure Demi Moore is reassured to hear of Ashton’s plans in the face of impending destruction – and is probably enjoying his rock hard abs too. I guess it’s just a shame that nobody else in the world is invited to this ‘safe place’. You can get into shape for the upcoming apocalypse by checking out his workout routine in Men’s Fitness though, sure. This includes spending ‘hours and hours’ running in the canyons near his home and learning Krav Maga – a deadly Israeli combat technique taught to special ops soldiers.


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