Cecil The Lion’s Little Brother ‘Jericho’ Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances



The brother of the infamous Cecil the Lion, Jericho, has been found dead in the same Zimbabwean safari park where his sibling was shot by a trophy hunter last year.

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The carcass was discovered over the weekend by Hwange Lion Research employee Jane Hunt who was carrying out a routine check of the park’s lions. The body was already “severely decayed” so he had clearly been dead for a while.


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Although Hwange National Park is stating that they assume the death was from natural causes, others are speculating that something’s afoot. Following the high profile death of his brother Cecil, this lion would have been a sought after prize by small-penised men all over the world. The suspicious circumstances are not being overlooking and the park’s Caroline Washaya-Moyo has given the green light for an investigation:

Although Ms Hunt and her team did not see any sign of the cat being shot or snared, the fact that he had such a high profile following the death of Cecil – and perhaps would be coveted by hunters – prompted them to order an investigation into his death.

Samples were taken from the carcass, which was severely decayed and sent for testing.

Of course, the theory that it was a trophy kill is rather ambiguous, as surely the hunters would’ve ensured to take the body home with them. Then again, they may have carried out the killing before being spooked by another person or animal.


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Or maybe there’s something else going on here – some sort of inside job. You never know, perhaps Jericho was the one shagging his dead sibling’s widowed wife and another member of the pack sought vengeance in homage to Cecil. You never know.


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