CCTV Footage Shows Man Performing Disgusting Act Just Moments Before Delivering Fast Food


This will make you think twice about tipping.

A takeaway delivery man has been caught out on camera pissing in a lift just moments before dropping the food off to his customer.

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And if that weren’t grimy enough, the man also appears to sneeze or blow his nose on his shirt before he leaves the lift. The video is very NSFW, but if you really want to check it out then click the link HERE.


It’s unknown where this is filmed or who the culprit is. He’s just lucky that no one entered the lift on the way to find his pissy puddle in the corner.


You’ve got to feel for the people receiving the takeaway – they’ve got that guy’s pee germs all over their food. Let’s just hope they didn’t tip. Although if you’re ordering from a dodgy fast food place, you’ve got to be prepared for some griminess anyway.


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