CCTV Footage Of Paranoid Schizophrenic Who Beheaded Grandmother In London Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Watch how close he comes to running into a bunch of kids playing in their garden.

We covered this story as it was breaking last year, and now a year on CCTV footage has been released which tracks 25 year old Nicholas Salvador’s movements as he goes on a full on rampage through people’s back gardens, tragically chancing upon a grandmother named Palmira Silva and decapitating her.

Watch how close he is to coming into contact with a bunch of little kids playing in their garden — heart-in-mouth stuff:

Respect to all the officers at the scene and to the guy instructing them — looks like they did a solid job all things considered.

More footage:

Salvador, who was a hardcore skunk blazer, had lost his job in billboard advertising three days earlier after he began acting bizarrely and talking about shapeshifting lizards and such. He thought that he was on a mission to kill demons disguised as human beings.

He was found not guilty of murder today after the court decided he was insane at the time. He’ll probably spend the rest of his life in a mental home.

RIP to his victim Palmira Silva.


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