You Can Now Get CBD Suppositories That You Can Stick Up Your Butt

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I’ve always heard that it’s way more effective to do drugs if you stick them up your butt rather than just swallow them or smoke them, but I’ve never known a company – or a drug dealer I guess – to actually come out with a version of their product specifically designed to do this.

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The time is now though, as a CBD company based in California named CBD Living has announced that they’re releasing 50 mg suppositories of CBD that you can shove up your ass when you’re feeling stressed out. Of course, CBD doesn’t contain the THC that gets you high when you’re smoking weed so you wont’ get super high from putting this up your sphincter, but you will get way more of the beneficial therapeutic effects from consuming it in this way.

Here’s what the official press release says about it:


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CBD Living Suppositories are manufactured using CBD Living’s proprietary nanotechnology method, which uses ultrasound waves to break down CBD molecules into nanoparticles 1/1000 the size of a red blood cell.

At this tiny size, CBD is able to easily penetrate the blood membrane, allowing for increased absorption and faster effects.

The body also absorbs much more of the CBD this way, meaning consumers often require lower doses of CBD Living products than of those manufactured without using nanotechnology.

Cool, love sticking nanotechnology up my ass. Not really sure what most of all that meant if I’m being 100% honest, but I guess it’s just exciting news that putting drugs/other stuff up your butt is now a more accepted trait in modern society. 2019 people, drink it in.

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