Here’s A Bunch Of Instagram Pictures Of Cats Smoking Weed

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Here at Sick Chirpse two of our favourite things are smoking weed and hanging out with cats, so imagine how stoked we were when we discovered that a bunch of Instagram users had been taking pictures of their cats smoking weed! How cool is that!?

I’m completely ripping off buzzfeed with this but whatever, it’s Christmas and I just want to get high with my cat and sit around having dumb conversations with her but I’ve gotta get all these posts sorted out before I can do that and this seems like the quickest way to get it done.

Anyway,  here at Sick Chirpse, two of our favourite things are smoking weed and hanging out with cats so it seems stupid that we haven’t tried combining the two yet, especially when it seems like a bunch of people on Instagram have already totally locked onto the idea and have posted a whole bunch of pictures of their cats smoking dope or hanging out looking cool with weed paraphanelia. I’m surprised there isn’t a tumblr called the ‘Highest Cats Of Instagram’ or ‘Cats Are Dope Fiends Too’ or something dumb like that to be honest. Actually, that’s a great idea for anyone looking to start a successful new tumblr. If you do it though please remember to give some of the credit to Sick Chirpse though.

But anyway, continuing this post it seems like there are a bunch of Instagram users who have nothing better to do then get high all day and then play with their cats and arrange their cats so it looks like they’re also stoners and they also love bong hits/the munchies/video games/YouTube videos or whatever the hell else it is that stoners like. I actually think that a bunch of these cats might actually BE high too, I mean check out some of their expressions. I don’t know about you, but I KNOW I’ve looked in the mirror and looked a bit like that a couple of times in my life. OK OK, more than a couple of times whatever. But yeah, I hope you enjoy these pictures of cats smoking weed so I can get back to smoking weed with my cat myself:

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