Swedish Insurance Company Made Cats Skydive In New Advert

Cat Skydiving

Everyone loves it when cats do cute stuff, so it would obviously be a great idea to make them skydive in your new advert for insurance, right?

Cat Skydiving

I guess if you want to make a viral video on the internet there’s always one ingredient which is going to help you increase that virality, and that is of course cats. It’s also good to relate it to cool stuff going on in the public eye/the news too, and I guess this is kind of related to Felix Baumgartner’s stratosjump but not really, so it’s ticked off a couple of boxes with those two, but really it’s the cats that’s going to make it. Basically, this Swedish insurance company called Folksam took it to the next level though by making cats skydive. I guess you probably want to get good insurance if you’re doing a skydive so the advert kinda makes sense, although I don’t know if cats can actually take out insurance policies so maybe it doesn’t. The cats themselves look really chilled out during the skydive, and I think that’s probably because they’ve got Folksam insurance, so you know if anything does go wrong they know that they’ll be compensated effectively. Although when you think about it, if anything goes wrong in a skydive then you’re probably going to be dead so you won’t really be giving two fucks about your insurance policy, although maybe your family will benefit from your untimely death or something.

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Whatever, I should probably stop overanalysing adverts and just enjoy the cats skydiving and how cool it looks. The soundtrack is also R. Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ which makes the whole scene all the more cativating (I actually meant to type captivating there but mispelled it and then thought wow, what a great pun so decided to leave it in), especially as the two cats reach across and touch paws together. What a beautiful moment. Oh yeah, and before all you trolls show up we do know they’re not ACTUALLY skydiving but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less cool. Ok by cool we mean cute – we don’t have to show stuff like best gore all the time you know!

So yeah, enjoy this video of cats skydiving right now, like everyone else on the internet is probably doing right now because everyone loves it when cats do cute stuff:

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