Britain’s Hardest Cat Nicknamed ‘Purrminator’ After Surviving Three Shootings In Five Months


A West Midlands cat named Teddy is really taking the piss with the whole ‘9 lives’ thing – using up at least 3 of them after surviving multiple shooting incidents in the space of 5 months.

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Owner Lauren Williams, 27, told the Metro how two-year-old Teddy AKA The Purrminator was first targeted in January this year when he was blasted through the tail.

He was then shot for a second time later that month before being attacked again with gas-powered air weapon on May 5 – an attack that saw him blasted straight through the stomach. Incredibly, the bullet missed all his vital organs.

Teddy was taken to the PDSA pet hospital in Birmingham where he was placed on an IV drip and received treatment for his injuries.

Mum-of-one Lauren says:

He really is remarkable to have survived and he can’t have many of his nine lives left.

It is frightening to think someone would do that to that animal like Teddy, it’s awful and cruel.

Indeed. You have to think it’s the work of some psychotic teenagers, although who knows these days. Here’s a look at Teddy’s most recent wound:

Lauren continues:

He must’ve been shot nearby to make it back into the garden where I found him.

He couldn’t move and was lying in a puddle of blood, there was a lot of blood. He was crying out to me, it was heart-breaking.

50 Cent – eat your heart out. Yeah OK 50 might’ve been shot 9 times but that was all in one sitting. Teddy here was shot on three separate occasions and survived.

Support worker Lauren also believes the offender must live local, as Teddy has managed to make his way home after each shooting.

That is one hard as nails cat right there.

Lauren is appealing to anyone with information to come forward:

It has to be someone who lives very local as Teddy wouldn’t have been able to get back home with his injury being so bad – and he doesn’t venture far.

He is quite a friendly cat I do wonder if this time someone beckoned him towards him and shot him at close range.

The other times it seems more likely he was running away because he was hit in the tail.

This time the bullets missed his vital organs by centimetres and I’m worried the next time might be his last chance.

Police have told Lauren that the culprit could face up to five years in jail for the crimes thanks to new anti animal cruelty laws.

There has to be someone out there in Wordsley who can identify the evil prick who keeps trying to shoot Lauren’s cat to death. Have to wonder whether this person has attacked other cats as well. Hard to believe they would have a personal vendetta against Teddy rather than just being some cruel scumbag who gets off on harming animals. Let’s hope they’re caught sooner rather than later. If you have any information – you know what to do.

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