Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba

cat chases duck

It does exactly what it says on the tin.

I usually start my posts with some bullshit about this or that. I then persist to ramble on about said bullshit, or myself, for the entirety of the post before getting to the point. That point usually being some photos, or a video, or something, that wasn’t worth reading all that bullshit for. I like the attention, and to pretend that you care what I think. However, this time I won’t (aside from this initial bit of bullshit), I will just get straight to the point because there is nothing I can possibly hope to add to the majesty of this following video.

☛ Next: Sharknado Trailer

Few things will melt my bitter and twisted ice-heart, except anything involving cute animals, but this video managed it; funnily enough it involves some cute animals. The title says all you need to know; there is a cat dressed as a shark chasing a duck — a baby duck — around a kitchen while riding a Roombo. There’s also a surprise up this video’s sleeve, so ride with it, though you won’t have any trouble with that; THERE IS A FUCKING CAT WEARING A SHARK COSTUME CHASING A DUCK WHILE RIDING A ROOMBA! CAT SHARK CHASE DUCK! ROOMBA! CAPS LOCK! ENTHUSIASM! HAPPY!

Now I’m going to watch it again and pretend all the bad things aren’t real, or at least hope I die watching it so I’ll at least guarantee that I’ll go into that good night, if not peacefully, happy.


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