This Vampire Cat’s Dracula Fangs Helped To Find Him A Home



Vampires and cats often go hand in hand, but I didn’t think that we would ever see a real life vampire cat on our computer screens anytime soon. And yet here’s Monk to prove me wrong.

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Monk is a 6-year-old rescue cat and he straight up looks like he’s got vampire fangs growing out of his mouth, as you can see in the pictures dotted around this page. Nobody knows why Monk’s incisors have grown so big – it’s not a trait we can see in his brother Bean’s teeth – but his owner Nicole Rienzie confirms that they’re healthy and pose no danger to him:


The fangs are 100 percent real.

The fangs are 3/4 inch long from the gum line… in other words… HUGE.

The vet says that although [the fangs are] rare, they pose no health threats, and he is happy and healthy.

Monk is a very unique cat and so it’s only fitting that he ended up with a unique characteristic. He’s special.

[Monk] helps me manage my depression and grief. As does his younger brother, Bean.

Their account use to be mine but I deleted all my material and changed the username and began using it to satisfy my crazy cat lady needs.

Monk and Bean are my ‘children’ so I want to show them off to the world… like any parent would. Haha.


Yeah, really funny you crazy cat lady. Anyway, Monk is scary looking and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Here are some more pictures of him:




What a cutie, although you kinda get the impression that he could turn around and sink those fangs into your neck at the earliest opportunity. Hope Nicole is keeping her eyes on him.

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