CassetteBoy Returns To Absolutely Ruin Theresa May

Theresa May CassetteBoy

In times of political instability, you can always rely on CassetteBoy.

In times of political instability, you can always count on CassetteBoy to come to the rescue and tell it like it really is.

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In the latest instalment of his increasingly impressive mash ups, he’s targeted everybody’s favourite Prime Minister Theresa May and told everyone what she’s really trying to say during her relentless diatribes about a strong and stable government. And it’s all done to the backing track of Mo’ Money/Mo’ Problems. Fantastic:

I mean you can’t really argue with anything she’s saying there can you? CassetteBoy has nailed it yet again – hopefully this will make some difference when it’s time to head to the polling booths on Thursday. Have a think before you vote yeah?

For a more detailed look on the election, check out this article we posted yesterday. Might really help inform your decision.


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