Cassetteboy Returns To Absolutely Rinse Jeremy Hunt

Hunt calls for NHS pay restraint

In times of need, you can always count on Cassetteboy.

In times of need, you can always count on Cassetteboy to reappear with a mashup and totally rinse whichever political figure is being a dickhead at the present time.

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Normally there are too many to mention at any one time of course, but right now the frontrunner is clearly Jeremy Hunt, who continues to impose his ideas of reforming the NHS on the nation. This is despite all junior doctors striking for the first time in NHS history because of the absolutely ridiculous workload that will be forced onto them if this comes to pass.

If you haven’t really understood what’s going on with the junior doctors strike in the past couple of days, then maybe watch this video because it pretty much sums up what Hunt is trying to do to them over here. It’s also sung to the tune of The Village People’s YMCA, which is a nice bonus too:

Absolutely smashed it out of the park yet again. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that even though Cassetteboy has made Jeremy Hunt look like a complete dickhead here, the real issue is to support the junior doctor’s strike and to make sure that his vision of the NHS doesn’t become a reality. If it does, then we’re all seriously fucked.

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