News Reporter Says ‘Cunt-Ass’ On Air By Accident


Carrie Bickmore accidentally speaks her filthy mind live on air.


Now Eamonn Holmes would probably be forgiven if he was to fluff up his lines (as he generally does) due to his extreme fatigue. The guy has to get up at 3AM, give him a break. But I wonder if he’d get forgiven for saying ‘Cunt-Ass’ on live TV, because that’s what Carrie Bickmore did in Australia today.

With filthy perverted thoughts running through her mind (probably after reading 50 Shade Of Grey), Carrie accidentally says ‘Cunt-Ass’ while trying to pronounce ‘Quantas’. You filthy whore Carrie.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3broOBpKIs’]


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